I liked the simplified approach of estate planning used by Legacy Law Center…

As a recent widow,  I was completely unprepared to deal with the probate of my husband’s estate.  It took over a year to get everything settled with his assets and I was not aware that he had assets in his own name when he passed away.  It was a nightmare.  I wanted to make sure that would not happy to me when I passed away so I started researching estate planning online.  It was so confusing and complicated.  I received a card in the mail from Legacy Law Center in Winghaven.

Charles Moore spent the first hour explaining estate planning in terms I could understand.  I really appreciated him starting by telling me that estate planning is similar for almost everyone, except for about 1% of people.  He made the process so much easier to understand.

I ended up hiring Legacy Law Center at the end of our initial meeting to put together my estate plan and am so glad I did.  I now understand what an estate plan does, why I have the estate plan that I have and why it will protect my loved ones when I am gone.  Legacy Law Center delivered on everything it said it would and most importantly, did so WHEN they said it would.

I will recommend Legacy Law Center to everyone I know.

Beverly W. (St. Peters)

November 15, 2013