My wife and I now have peace of mind…

We’ve been talking about getting everything together for our family for years.  Hit retirement recently and it was the first thing on our list to accomplish.  Legacy Law Center was recommended by a friend and we were told it would be a great experience.  It truly was.

First things first.  My wife knows a few things about wills and trusts because she served as trustee for her mother, who passed away recently.  However, I didn’t know a thing about any of this stuff.

Our initial meeting we met with Chuck Moore, an estate planning attorney with Legacy who simplified everything within 15 minutes.  He explained what we need, why we needed it and how it worked.  I think what I liked best was that he told us also what we did not need.

We had a lot of questions and he answered each of them patiently and clearly.  At the end he quoted us a price.  Estate planning is not cheap, but I thought the value of the services and the price were a match.

A month later we had everything signed and now have peace of mind knowing our wishes are in writing and our plan is as simple as possible, which was a major goal for us.  I was so impressed with Legacy that I will be referring my father over to them.

Dan and Rita B.

December 2014