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Estate Planning Lawyer

Those who want help writing their estate plan often turn to an estate planning lawyer Bloomington, Illinois trusts for guidance. Writing an estate plan can be surprisingly emotional for many people, as they make legal preparations for a time when they must leave their cherished family members.

There are a few important aspects of an estate plan that you may forget to consider. We have listed them here in hopes that you can make a note to visit these topics:

Advanced Health Care Directive

If a truly awful event were to unfold in our lives and we become unable to communicate, an advanced health care directive describes preferences regarding life-sustaining care that we do or do not want to receive. It can be agonizing for family members to see their loved one in such a condition, and may feel helpless about what to do next. By listing what your wishes would be if ever in that sort of situation, it can take away the responsibility of your closest loved ones from having to make potentially difficult medical-related decisions.

Financial Power of Attorney

When creating an estate plan, many people list instructions for how finances are to be handled after death, but forget to appoint someone to take care of financials in the event of incapacitation. If you were to become injured or diagnosed with an illness that prevents you from being able to communicate, a financial power of attorney can manage your finances for you instead. A lawyer is likely to recommend that you choose someone for this role who is not only responsible, but has your best of interest and would never take advantage of having access to your bank accounts.

Other After Death Preferences

For an increasing number of people, being an organ donor is hugely important to them. If this is true for you, you may want to include a statement about donating your body. Not only that, but you can state whether you want to be buried in a cemetery or cremated then released. It is not uncommon for a person to take time for introspection for how they want their body to be treated after death, as this can be a very spiritual and sensitive decision.

Establishing an estate plan may not be such an easy task for everyone. So those who need some extra support while writing theirs, can meet with a lawyer at their earliest convenience.


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