The Pitfalls of Creating a Will Without an Attorney

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Losing a loved one can be full of trials and tribulations. Without a will in place, not only do you risk family making decisions without your voice included, you also put your family at risk for tension and conflict. In many cases, when a loved one does not have a will in place, the likelihood of conflict within a family is likely to increase. Although it can be tempting to pursue the creation of a will on your own, there can be a number of pitfalls to managing this process without an attorney. Taking the time to find an estate planning attorney with experience can not only give you peace of mind, but also save your loved ones ample amounts of stress. Here are some pitfalls or complications that may occur when you create a will on your own:

#1 Your Will May Not Follow State Guidelines

Each state has their own set of rules and guidelines surrounding the execution of a will. Failure to encompass state laws into your will can result in it being invalid. An attorney can be useful in ensuring that your will is completed in accordance with state laws.

#2 You May Leave Things Out

An attorney has the ability to to ensure that nothing is left out of your will. Your will is just one component to an estate plan. An attorney with experience in estate planning will naturally be able to cover every aspect to your state. When someone attempts to do this without help, it can be highly likely that they will forget to include a key decision or piece of information regarding your final wishes.

#3 A Will Should be Customized

Although there are many online sites and programs that can help you generate your will, they may only have the ability to provide basic planning of your estate. Wills are not one size fits all. You will need to carefully customize your will based on your situation.

Find an Estate Planning Attorney

If you are in need of a will, contact an attorney as soon as possible. It’s not uncommon for someone to put off the creation of their own will. The process is often perceived as lengthy, cumbersome, overwhelming and costly. Despite these common misconceptions, they are often far from the truth. Take the time to find the right attorney for the job by:

  • Carefully researching attorneys
  • Be prepared when you meet with them
  • Ask people you know who have been through a similar process for recommendations
  • Ask the attorney for references
  • Schedule a time to meet with them
  • Choose an attorney who has experience in estate planning

Without a will in place, you stand to leave your family not only grieving your loss, but left to decipher your final wishes without your voice. This can create a variety of problems. Although attempts to create a will may be made without the help of an attorney, the help of a wills attorney O’Fallon, Missouri offers at Legacy Law Center is advisable. Not only may they be able to help in creating a will that leaves nothing left to the imagination, they can also help to move through the process of creating a will with ease.