Trust Lawyer Lake St. Louis, Missouri

What Does A Trust Lawyer Do?

A trust lawyer in Lake St. Louis, Missouri, is a legal professional versed in the creation and management of a trust. A trust is an entity, in legal terms, that holds property or finances for the benefit of at least one party. There are many reasons why you might be considering creating a trust, and a lawyer at Legacy Law Center is your companion and guide through the process.

Trusts have been employed in various iterations for thousands of years, and as a concept, were massively innovative to the evolution and modernization of the law. There are two primary versions, revocable and irrevocable. The former offers versatility and can be edited without requiring serious power, the latter cannot. Irrevocable trusts may only be dissolved through a court order–typically by irrefutably demonstrating that the trust breaks state law. 

There are quite a few subtypes of trusts. Generally speaking, they all begin with a property owner, the settlor, deciding to relinquish partial control of their assets to another party, the trustee. The trustee will hold and manage the property, using it for the benefit of a third party, the beneficiary. The property can be anything, but it is frequently finances or wealth. The beneficiary is one or more people, frequently a spouse or children, but there are few stipulations as to who can hold the title. 

The trustee is bound to certain administrative duties, which may include defending the trust, distributing assets to beneficiaries, investing assets, and more. The trustee cannot profit directly from the trust, though may be paid for management of the account. The trustee may be an individual, a board, or sometimes a lawyer.

When deciding how best to protect your assets it is advisable to speak to a trust lawyer in Lake St. Louis, Missouri. Perhaps you have young children and wish to ensure their financial freedom as adults. The same may be done with wills, but they are not the same. A living will states to whom your possessions go after your death. A trust is significantly more complex. Beyond relieving much of the responsibility of managing your own assets, you receive a regular account of finances and how the trust is being managed. You are informed and aware of how your property is being used and invested, and with a revocable trust, are able to edit it at any point and alter it for the best interest of the beneficiary. 

With immense experience and a deep knowledge of how trusts work, Legacy Law Center is available to assist you and share options. When you sit down with a Lake St. Louis trust lawyer who listens to your specific needs and interests, you get the greatest possible advice and understanding of how best to move forward. Your assets are valuable, and should be protected. Guarantee that they are in the most trustworthy hands, and ensure that your wishes are realized with Legacy Law Center. 


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