Great sense of relief and satisfaction because of his efforts…

“My wife and I decided that it was time to do some estate planning and selected Mr. Charles Moore of the Legacy Law Center.  Mr. Moore conducted a detailed analysis of our assets and personal circumstances and tailored an estate plan that takes into consideration the needs of our family now and in the future.  His professional demeanor and discretion are to be commended and we now have a great sense of relief and satisfaction because of his efforts.

He has also become an expert in the field of NFA Trusts, a relatively new and less intrusive way to purchase firearms that are controlled by the National Firearms Act.  He developed a NFA Gun Trust for us that allowed us to successfully purchase an NFA controlled item without the usual photos, fingerprints and other inconvenient intrusions.  We’ve had a great experience with the Legacy Law Center, and Mr. Moore specifically.”

John and Claudette S.  (June 2013)