Emergency estate planning…

A relatively common situation for our law firm is we get a call from the child of an elderly parent who needs to have estate planning documents right away.  The hurry is usually that the elderly parent is in poor health or is about to have some sort of medical procedure which is risky.

We are both familiar with this scenario and happy to help.  Part of the way we can help is to visit the elderly parent wherever they may be, especially if they are not mobile.  In these situations, usually they are not able to get around.

We can sit down with the person and figure out if they have the legal capacity to create or make changes to their estate plan, whether it be powers of attorney, a will or trust or other documents.

Once we make the determination that they do have legal capacity, we can confirm what the wishes of the person are and can put the documents together.  An added bonus is that in most cases, we can execute the documents wherever the person is living.

In most nursing homes for example, we can gather independent witnesses, as needed.  Our office can serve as the notaries for the documents as well.  Basically, everything can be done quickly and more importantly effectively, despite difficult circumstances.