What do I do as Executor of a Will?

What do I do as Executor of a Will?

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Being named the executor of an estate can be an overwhelming thought, especially if your loved one has a large or complicated estate. As an executor, it is your responsibility to oversee the estate.

What will I have to do as an executor of an estate?

You will have many tasks to complete. It can seem like too much to handle but that’s why we’re here. We’ve helped many clients just like you complete the following:

  • File a copy of the will
  • Notify creditors
  • Open an estate bank account
  • File an inventory of estate assets
  • Determine if probate is necessary
  • Maintain and secure property until it is distributed
  • Pay debts and final taxes
  • Distribute assets
  • Represent the estate in court proceedings

These tasks can quickly become overwhelming. An estate planning attorney has the experience necessary to help you with the complex tasks. In fact, they can do many of them on your behalf. For many of the steps, you’ll just need to sit down with us and go over the paperwork to sign off on it before we file it with the court.

That seems like a lot

It is. But with a wills attorney O’Fallon, MO trusts by your side, you can handle it.

When you come to us as an executor, we will sit with you to discuss the process in detail. We will make sure you are comfortable with your duties and we will make sure you know we are going to stand by your side throughout the entire process. It’s our job to make sure the process runs smoothly and no mistakes are made.

What’s the most challenging part?

That differs for every estate and executor. Some executors find the taxes to be the most challenging while others find dealing with the family to be the most challenging. Certain aspects of being an executor will be draining, like the emotion of dealing with a family who just lost a loved one.

Do I have to formally read the will?

That doesn’t happen anymore. You won’t be forced to sit in front of the beneficiaries and tell them what they were left in the will. You will tell them and you will distribute the assets to them, it’s just not as you’ve seen in the movies.

Beware that some beneficiaries get ancy and will bug you constantly about when they’re getting whatever they’re getting. There is a time for beneficiaries to be alerted to what they’re receiving but that’s after all debts have been paid. They may not be receiving as much as they anticipated so we want to make sure we’re not providing them with incorrect information.

How much does the attorney handle?

Your attorney at Legacy Law Center will handle a great deal. They know this is uncharted waters for many people and have been down this path many times and know what needs to be done at each step. They are here to guide you and direct you and answer any questions you have along the way.