Common Misconceptions About Traffic Tickets

Common Misconceptions About Traffic Tickets - Braking before the intersection

Traffic Ticket Attorney

Whether it’s speeding or running a red light, many people have received at least one traffic ticket in their life. However, there are still so many untruths about these tickets circling around. Here are some common misconceptions about traffic tickets that you shouldn’t believe.

Speeding Is Okay When Passing

When you want to pass another vehicle on the road, you may need to speed up a little to do so. However, if you drive above the speed limit when passing, you can still receive a traffic ticket.

If the Police Officer Doesn’t Show Up to Court, Your Traffic Ticket Will Get Dismissed

Some people have high hopes of their traffic ticket getting dropped if the police officer does not appear in court. While this might occasionally happen, you can’t count on it. If the officer doesn’t show up and you plead not guilty to the ticket, the judge may reschedule the court date. 

If You Don’t Sign a Traffic Ticket, It Will Get Dismissed

This isn’t true either.  As a traffic ticket attorney from Rispoli & Borneo P.C. can explain, after a traffic ticket has been issued by a police officer, it is considered valid. It doesn’t matter if you consent or not. Additionally, signing a ticket does not mean that you’re admitting guilt. It just confirms that you received the ticket.

You’re More Likely to Get a Traffic Ticket at the End of the Month

It’s still frequently assumed that police officers are more likely to issue tickets at the end of the month to fulfill quotas. While that may have been true years ago, it isn’t the case today. New Jersey prohibits the practice of ticket quotas. Therefore, you’re not more likely to receive a traffic ticket at the end of the month than you are at the beginning or middle of the month.

Traffic Tickets Don’t Transfer to Other States

Some people may assume that if they move to another state, their traffic ticket will not matter. However, once you receive a traffic ticket, you can’t just run away from it. States share information with each other regarding traffic tickets. If you receive a ticket, you should always speak with an attorney.

If You’re Going with the Flow of Traffic, You Won’t Get a Traffic Ticket

Just because other vehicles are speeding, does not mean that you should. Since police officers can’t just pull everyone over for speeding, they may decide to single one vehicle as an example. Even if you see other cars going faster, resist the urge to speed.

Clerical Error Automatically Get Your Traffic Ticket

Another myth about traffic tickets is that you can get a ticket dismissed over any clerical error. Although a major mistake, like incorrect information about driver’s license or vehicle, can warrant a dismissal, small clerical errors won’t get you off the hook. For example, if the police officer put information in the wrong field on a form, the judge will not dismiss the ticket.

If you recently received a traffic ticket, you should get in touch with a traffic ticket attorney.