Best time for estate planning…

I often get calls from recently retired couples asking if now is the time for them to get an estate plan.  The answer is a resounding YES.


Well, first, if you don’t have any estate planning documents, retirement means not only a time of leisure and relaxation, but a time to catch up with all of the things you should have done before.  For many folks, that means getting an estate plan.  The older you get, the more crucial it becomes to have powers of attorney, a will and/or a living trust and to have the proper planning in place to avoid the headaches of probate and guardianship.

Legacy Law Center offers a free consultation where we meet with clients, figure out their goals and concerns about estate planning and recommend the proper plan.

My experience has also been that a lot of  people get some sort of plan together when they get married and have children.  Twenty years later, those young children are young adults, the couple is in a much better situation financially and generally their circumstances have completely changed.

Legacy Law Center can review your existing estate plan and figure out what changes if any need to be made.  Are yours wills outdated?  Do you have updated powers of attorney?  Does one or more of your children have problems handling money?  Is that brother you named as trustee still trustworthy?  These are just some of the issues that pop up and which can be resolved by having Legacy Law Center review your existing estate plan.