Attributes to Seek During Your Healthcare Power Attorney Search

Healthcare Power of Attorney - A concept related to a medical lawsuit in the legal

Attributes to Seek During Your Healthcare Power Attorney Search

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Healthcare Power of Attorney

Healthcare Power of Attorney (HCPA)

Those who seek to plan for all possible outcomes in life may enjoy greater peace of mind overall. By designating a healthcare power of attorney, prior to when one is needed, will allow you to move along the journey of life knowing that when illness or serious injury strikes, you have a plan of action that will effectively preserve your wishes

A lawyer who specializes in health care power of attorney will be an invaluable resource to draw from for advice and direction during the designation process. Look for a lawyer who is licensed in and has proven experience in the state in which you primarily reside. Fundamental qualities that the lawyer you choose to work with should be evaluated thoroughly to ensure they align with your values and goals. They may also function in a capacity which assists you in defining what your goals are as they pertain to HCPA.

A few qualities to look for in a lawyer include but are not limited to:

Accessibility – Your prospective lawyer should be readily available to speak with you in person, over the phone, or through other means of telecommunication such as video conferencing. 

Compassionate Communication – Clear and open communication throughout the process of designating a HCPA needs to be a fundamental value of the lawyer you end up retaining. They should take the time to thoroughly understand your values, wishes, and goals, and only then clearly articulate their perspective.

Transparency – Your lawyer needs to be able to clearly explain the processes that they are suggesting and how they are to be implemented in a way that meets your unique needs in an obligation free manner. Meaning that at any point if there is any misunderstanding about something that is being discussed, the lawyer should take the time to clarify until there is complete understanding on both ends, prior to committing.

Experience – The lawyer you choose should be able to offer constructive examples of how they have successfully helped other clients with the process of designating a HCPA.

If you are just beginning to explore the process of designating an HCPA, or are fairly experienced and are looking for outside assistance with the plans you currently have in place, consider reaching out to a local lawyer who specializes in Healthcare Power of Attorney. Most lawyers offer free initial consultations in which you can ask preliminary questions that will help you get a feel for the services they have to offer without feeling obligated to make any commitments whatsoever.