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Assault Lawyer St Charles, MOBeing charged with an assault is not something anyone wants to experience. The repercussions of an assault charge can not only be a real headache to deal with, they could follow you for years to come. A St Charles, MO assault lawyer from the Legacy Law Center can help navigate you through a complex, and at times, cumbersome legal process. We have almost a decade of experience in managing cases like yours, giving you confidence in knowing that we are the best ones for the job.

Assault and Battery

Assault is a type of statute that makes up two types of offenses known as assault and battery. Assault and battery charges are often recognized together because they are of a similar nature. Assault is when a person acts in a threatening way to someone by making them believe that they are at risk of being physically harmed or by making threats to them that make them believe that they are in danger. It is important to note that words alone do not equal an assault charge. Battery is when a person actually follows through with an assault by carrying out with the threat that was made.
Types of Assault Charges

Depending on the events and the injury that the victim received, there are usually two ways of distinguishing an assault charge:

Aggravated Assault is a more severe charge and is considered a felony because the injury a victim received may have been greater or a weapon was used to carry out the violent act. All states recognize an aggravated assault charge as a felony, meaning that if convicted, the repercussions are far greater and could even result in prison time. Examples of aggravated assault include:

  • Assault with a deadly weapon such as a gun or a knife
  • Attempts to kill another person
  • If serious harm is done when a person punches or kicks another

Simple Assault is a misdemeanor crime in which a person threatens to harm another person when they believe that they are in danger of being harmed. This doesn’t mean that a person can be charged with simple assault simply by threatening another person; it must be accompanied by an action that leads someone to believe that they are in harm’s way. An example of this could be a threat along with a person cocking their arm back and making their hand into a fist as if to throw a punch. This could also be an attempt to punch another person and failing to make contact. Another example of simple assault could be when a person is punched, pushed, hit or slapped. A simple assault conviction could mean jail time, fines, or probation.

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