Probate Lawyer Lake St. Louis, MO

Probate Lawyer Lake St. Louis, MO

Probate Lawyer Lake St. Louis, MOIf you have questions about probate or other estate related matters, a probate lawyer in Lake St. Louis, MO from Legacy Law Center is happy to help. When it comes to planning for the future of your estate, getting support from a legal professional is prudent. Don’t wait to get started writing your estate plan, because if you pass away before writing one, the court will be in control of how your estate is distributed instead. And as most people would probably agree with, the last thing they want is for the court system to designate how their legacy will be allocated.

What makes up my estate?

Your estate will include all the property, intangible tiems, and other assets you possess at the time of your passing. Such assets may include real estate, securities, cash, personal property, business interest, retirement plans, art collections, life insurance benefits, and more. 

Do I even need an estate plan?

Most people are focused on planning their long-term goals, such as education for their children and saving for retirement. But unfortunately, many people take too long to write an estate plan, or choose to not establish one altogether. Regardless of how much money or assets you have, estate planning is essential to passing on your legacy how you wish.

What happens if I dont write one?

If you die without having a will or other estate planning documents, then the court may intervene and handle your estate for you. During probate, a will is validated, creditors are paid from the estate, and assets are distributed to heirs based on terms of the will or state intestacy law. If there is a dispute, a third-party mediator may be needed to amend the situation. Probate can be a lengthy, and costly process, that may take several months or a year or longet to complete. 

Why do people avoid probate?

Not everyone wants to avoid probate, however, most people don’t trust the way the court may handle their estate. For instance, the court won’t have insight into the inner dynamic of families and other people you care about the most. So your assets may be given to individuals you would not have chosen to receive them. By writing an estate plan, you can leave instructions for what and to whom you want assets distributed. 

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At our law firm, we priortize the future of our client’s legacies. What you have built over the course of your lifetime deserves attention and planning. We can talk with you about your estate and give advice on how to protect it so your assets don’t succumb to probate. Call a Missouri probate lawyer in Lake St. Louis from Legacy Law Center today to get started and have your questions answered. 


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