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Living Wills Law Firm St. Peters, MO

If you are interested in creating a living wills, reach out to the living wills law firm in St. Peters, MO at Legacy Law Center. Creating any type of will can be scary because it forces you to think of end-of-life choices. While this may seem like a depressing thing to consider, it can actually be very beneficial and it can give you the peace of mind you need when it comes to making decisions in the future if you are unable to do so yourself. Many people often confuse living wills with a last will and testament, and it is important to know that the two legal documents are not the same. An estate planning law firm St. Peters, MO relies on can discuss the differences with you. If you are interested in creating a living will and would like to know more, please reach out to a St. Peters, Missouri living wills law firm 

estate planning law firm St. Peters, MOnow. Read below for more information and frequently asked questions regarding living wills.

What are living wills?

Unlike a last will and testament, your living will has much greater impact on your life while you are still alive. A last will and testament tells your beneficiaries and heirs what you would like done with your money and assets after you pass away, but a living will is in effect when you are alive but unable to make your own decisions. This may be because you were incapacitated in some way due to an injury or an illness and you can no longer speak or make sound judgments. Your living will can tell doctors what kind of treatments you would like them to give you if you have some type of terminal illness or if you are in a coma. This makes it much easier on your relatives who may not be sure of what you want to happen if the circumstances arise.

I have written and signed my living will. What’s next?

A living wills law firm St. Peters, MO relies on can attest that your living will is a legal document that goes into effect once you have signed it. You do not have to worry about making any changes to it (unless you want to) and you do not have to create a new one or update it annually. It is in effect until you choose to cancel it. If you do want to change or cancel it, it is important that you tear up your copy and inform anyone else who might have a copy of their own.

If something is written in my living will does it have to be honored?

Just because you write something in your living will does not mean that it will absolutely happen. For example, if you want something to happen that goes against a hospital’s policy, they do not have to honor your living will. They may get in contact with your family to discuss options for moving you to another hospital that can honor what you want.

How easy is it to make a living will?

When you are writing your living will, you also need to have two adults witness and sign it. It is important that the witnesses can testify that you were of sound mind when you were creating it and that one of the witnesses is not related to you (by marriage or blood).

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