Estate Planning Lawyer Wentzville, MO

Estate Planning Lawyer Wentzville, MO

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It may come as a relief for animal lovers to hear from an
estate planning lawyer in Wentzville, MO fromLegacy Law Center that their furry, scaly, or feathery babies can be protected within their estate plan. If you own a pet, then there’s a good chance that your feline, pup, rabbit, or bird is a member of your family. Even the most responsible pet owners may forget to include their furry loved ones in their estate plan. It’s important to make plans for them just as if they were children or other dependents. None of us plan to depart from our pets before they do, but in case that does happen, ensuring your pet is protected for life is paramount. 

Who Should I Choose As Caretaker?

As all pet owners know, there is more to being a caretaker than just housing and feeding an animal. A pet trust, similar to standard types, necessitates that you choose a trustee to fulfill your pet care wishes. The trustee you choose should have these characteristics: 

  • Responsible
  • Also loves animals
  • Willing to be caretaker if needed
  • Some knowledge into pet care (or willing to learn and get help)
  • No history of violence against people or animals

How Can I Prepare For My Pet’s Needs?

When thinking about writing an estate plan that includes your pet, you may want to discuss the following with your MO estate planning lawyer in Wentzville:

  • Type of animal(s)
  • Pet’s current age and anticipated lifespan
  • Costs of feeding and caring for pet properly for life
  • If there are any complicated species-specific needs
  • Emergency costs for veterinary care 

One of the simplest ways to see that your pet’s needs are met if you die is to name a guardian in your will. By doing this, you are appointing a person to care for your pet based on the terms you left behind. If the caretaker you chose doesn’t have the financial means to care for them how you would, your pet may sadly suffer. You can create a pet trust funded by you, but managed by your chosen caretaker, so that your pet gets the financial support needed to live their best life despite you being gone. 

Contact Legacy Law Center

We know that you care about your pets. Especially in today’s culture, many of us love them like they are our own children. We hope that if you have questions about how to include pets in your estate plan, contact an estate planning lawyer in Wentzville, Missouri from Legacy Law Center today!




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