Estate Planning Lawyer Chesterfield Missouri

An estate planning lawyer in Chesterfield Missouri is going to be of use to individuals who are creating a will, designating beneficiaries of their will, establishing a durable power of attorney, or medical power of attorney, and setting up trusts that protect your assets to later benefit yourself, or your beneficiaries after your death.

Estate Planning Lawyer Chesterfield MOEstate planning attorneys can educate you about the probate process and find ways to help you avoid the probate process. Furthermore, an estate planning attorney can help you reduce your estate tax—or even avoid it altogether.

You may also speak with an estate planning attorney if you have the power of attorney over a recently deceased person’s estate. You’ll have to go to probate court, and you’ll want someone by your side—especially if your attorney is able to get you out of probate court. Whether you avoid probate court or not depends heavily on the type of assets that were left to the estate, and how you can transfer their ownership legally.

Should a beneficiary, or even somebody who is not designated in the will decide they wish to contest the will, they’ll be suing the estate of the deceased person. In this instance, you want an estate planning lawyer so that you can rectify this issue. Lawsuits of this kind can take a toll on the estate’s funds and leave everyone who would otherwise benefit with less than they would’ve received.

Legacy Law Center was founded in 2012, and their goal is to provide senior citizens, veterans and families with proper estate planning. In fact, Charles J. Moore, the owner and founder of Legacy Law Center, has been practicing law since 2005—he started in estate planning, and dealt with probate claims as well.

But throughout all of this, you’ll want an estate planning attorney that you can trust. And that’s where Legacy Law Center comes into play. Let’s talk about the center, and why you might want to work alongside them. Whenever you’re consulting an attorney, you want somebody who is as passionate about your cause as you are, and Legacy Law Center provides that.

When Mr. Moore moved from California to New Jersey, he took up litigating estate matters, too. He served as an assistant municipal prosecutor. He eventually moved back home to St. Charles   and founded a law firm—The More Law Firm. This firm focused solely on estate planning, probate, business and estate litigation as well as criminal defense. But in 2012, Mr. Moore realized his passion was probate matters and estate planning—and he founded Legacy Law Center to serve his passion to the people.

So if you need an estate planning lawyer in Chesterfield, Missouri, consider Legacy Law Center. Charles Moore has experience and passion that can be of use to you. He and his firm have received various awards and recognitions, such as being named one of the “10 Best Estate Planning Attorneys in Missouri” in 2018, a recognition received from the American Institute of Legal Counsel.

Reach out to Legacy Law Center today, for your estate planning needs.



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