Estate Planning During Coronavirus O’Fallon, Missouri

Estate Planning During Coronavirus O’Fallon, Missouri Estate Planning During Coronavirus O’Fallon, Missouri

There is nothing easy about navigating daily life during the Covid-19 pandemic. Nothing. However, many Americans and people around the globe have been inspired to get creative about how they approach everyday tasks during this uniquely challenging time. For example, many services that were previously only available in-person have become accessible either over the phone or online. Even right here in O’Fallon, Missouri, estate planning during Coronavirus has gone “virtual.” The team at our firm has been working hard to ensure that Missouri residents continue to have access to critically important estate planning services without having to leave the safety of their homes. If you’re interested in estate planning during Coronavirus in O’Fallon, Missouri or elsewhere in the Show-Me State, know that our firm has the resources available to help you accomplish this important goal.

Estate Planning Is a Critically Important Task Right Now

If you’ve never drafted an estate plan before or your current estate plan needs to be revised, please don’t wait to seek legal guidance. As news story after news story reminds us all, the “unexpected” needs to be treated as if it were expected. You are probably taking significant steps to protect your family from contracting the virus. But even those who are most diligent about social distancing, mask wearing, etc. remain at risk. You need to have an updated, accurate, and enforceable estate plan in place at all times to ensure that your wishes are respected and that your family’s future is protected, regardless of what kind of unexpected events may influence your life.

Estate planning begins with creating a will. A will helps to ensure that your assets and personal property are distributed according to your wishes after your death. However, a will is not the only estate planning tool you need to consider at this time. Even if you have no valuable property to speak of, you’ll want to make sure you have an advance healthcare directive in place so that healthcare providers know what your “medical wishes” are in the event that you can no longer communicate them. Our team is more than happy to advise you of additional estate planning tools that could benefit your unique situation as well.

Legal Assistance Is Available

To begin estate planning during Coronavirus, O’Fallon, Missouri residents and residents of other Missouri communities should consider connecting with the experienced team at Legacy Law Center today. We offer virtual estate planning services so that you don’t have to leave the comfort and safety of your own home to take advantage of our professional guidance and support. Whether you’re looking to construct an estate plan from scratch, revise an existing estate plan, or add components (such as an advance healthcare directive) to your current plan, our team can help. Estate planning during Coronavirus in O’Fallon, Missouri and throughout the state isn’t easy. But our team is ready to handle the “legal heavy lifting” so that you can achieve legal protection and general peace of mind during this uniquely challenging time. We look forward to hearing from you.




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