I am very proud to have created a law firm that specializes in estate planning and probate matters.

My background has always been in estate planning as a practicing attorney, but I didn’t immediately like the subject.  I went to law school in San Diego and in my third year of law school took “Trust and Estates”.   I remember having a tough time paying attention in that class.  The material seemed boring and the law of wills and trusts was just as uninteresting.   In fairness, I may have been distracted with my simultaneous studying with the behemoth known as the California Bar Exam.   Taking and passing that grueling three day examination is still one of the proudest moments of my life.

My first job out of law school was working as an associate attorney at a small practice in El Centro, California.  This required a move about two hours east of San Diego and an adjustment from perpetual 68 degree sunny days to oppressive heat of 115 degrees plus in the summer time in El Centro, smack dab in the middle of the desert.

The firm I started my career with was completely overloaded with work, 90% of which was estate planning, probate and estate litigation matters.  I worked long hours at that job and because I knew no one in El Centro, was basically married to my job.  In hindsight, this is where I began to love the practice of wills and trusts and probate matters.

After a little over a year in the desert heat, I moved to the Princeton, New Jersey area.  During my time there, I was asked by two different firms for which I worked to start an estate planning and probate practice for each.  I was the only guy in the office that knew anything about the topic, so it was a perfect simulator for having my own practice.

Eventually, I felt it was time to move back here, to my home state of Missouri and my hometown of St. Louis.  I started The Moore Law Firm LLC in November 2009 and had a broad based practice, including estate planning work, but also criminal, business matters and general litigation.

Within three years my firm began to narrowly focus on estate planning and probate matters, so I decided it was time to start a new practice as a result.  Legacy Law Center was created in 2012.  I haven’t looked back since and the firm continues to grow every month.

One of the key aspects of our firm is that we know a common complaint about attorneys is that they aren’t friendly or worse, are just outright jerks.  We’re not perfect, but we enjoy meeting with clients, learning not only about their needs, but their lives and the unique traits of their family members.  It’s frankly the reason I enjoy getting up every day and why estate planning will always been a central and very large portion of the work I do as an attorney.

The most rewarding aspect of estate planning from our perspective is that it’s a win-win proposition all the way around.  People that come to see us are often worried that they don’t have any planning done and usually right after our initial consultation I will ask them if they feel better knowing they are beginning the process.  They almost always answer with a clearly relieved “Yes!”.

We know that talking about death and taxes is about as fun as getting your teeth drilled at the dentist.  But just like the dentist, if you don’t get it done, it only causes more problems down the road.

That is an interesting aspect that I have discovered over the years as well:  Just as many of our clients are coming to us as a reaction to something that has happened in their own families.  Whether it’s a messy probate case, nasty fighting over the assets of a recently passed away loved one or just the costs and time expense of someone else they know not planning ahead.

No matter why they are there, most people we meet with are motivated to getting something done.   Legacy Law Center knows this and we get things done quickly, effectively and affordably.