Estate Lawyer St Peters Missouri

Estate Lawyer St Peters Missouri

 When a loved one dies, there are so many emotions to deal with and grieving to go through. The last thing many families want to think about is the legal aspect of what happens when a loved one dies. Unfortunately, dealing with your loved one’s estate is often a necessity, but it can be even more jarring if there are unexpected issues with their will. If you have lost a loved one and are considering contesting their will, contact a St Peters Missouri estate lawyer from Legacy Law Center for assistance.

Contesting a Will

If you discover that your loved one’s will is much different than you expected it to be, there are some legal issues to consider before moving ahead with contesting it. It is not uncommon for a family member to assume that they will be receiving a certain share of property or assets or a certain valuable based on promises their loved one made when they were alive, only to discover those promises were never made legal. As a St Peters Missouri estate lawyer can explain, that in itself is not enough to contest a will.

However, there are grounds that are valid reasons for contesting a will. Some of the more common grounds that an estate planning attorney St. Peters, MO contest a will are:

  •       The will was never executed legally: Missouri, just like all states, has laws in place which stipulate how wills need to be signed and executed. If these rules are not followed, the will can be legally rendered invalid.
  •       The decedent did not have the mental capacity to execute the will: If your loved one has suffered an illness or condition that left them without the capacity to make sound decisions, any changes to an existing will or new wills executed can be contested.
  •       Someone was putting undue pressure or influence on the decedent: If someone pressured or manipulated your loved one into changing their will, the court may set that will aside, especially if that person benefitted from the changes.
  •       The will’s signature was acquired through fraud: If your loved one thought they were signing another document and did not realize they were changing their will, that is legal grounds for the courts to invalidate the will.

No matter what the reason why you may be contesting your loved one’s will, keep in mind that it can be very challenging to pursue the contesting of a will. These cases can be complex, with the burden of proof on the party who is contesting the will. This is why you will want to consult with an estate lawyer in St Peters Missouri for legal assistance.

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